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With roughly half a million residents living in and around the state’s capital, central Arkansas offers your business a strong existing market as well as new market reach potential.

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Commuting within Pulaski County but don’t want to deal with traffic congestion and delays? Want to save money on gas? Try Park and Ride!

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You aren’t alone! Public transit use is on the rise, even in little ol’ central Arkansas. And we’re here to help!

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Green Line

Monday - Saturday

River Market Avenue & President Clinton Avenue (River Market) Arrive World Avenue & 3rd Street (Clinton Center) Leave World Avenue & 3rd Street (Clinton Center) Arrive 2nd Street & Scott Street (Historic Arkansas Museum) Leave 2nd Street & Scott Street (Historic Arkansas Museum) West Markham Street & Scott Street (Little Rock Marriott Stop) River Market Avenue & President Clinton Avenue (River Market)
9:11AM - - 9:15AM 9:16AM 9:22AM 9:25AM
9:26AM 9:30AM 9:32AM 9:37AM 9:41AM 9:47AM 9:50AM
9:51AM 9:55AM 9:57AM 10:02AM 10:06AM 10:12AM 10:15AM
10:16AM 10:20AM 10:22AM 10:27AM 10:31AM 10:37AM 10:40AM
10:41AM 10:45AM 10:47AM 10:52AM 10:56AM 11:02AM 11:05AM
11:06AM 11:10AM 11:12AM 11:17AM 11:21AM 11:27AM 11:30AM
11:31AM 11:35AM 11:37AM 11:42AM 11:46AM 11:52AM 11:55AM
11:56AM 12:00PM 12:02PM 12:07PM 12:11PM 12:17PM 12:20PM
12:21PM 12:25PM 12:27PM 12:32PM 12:36PM 12:42PM 12:45PM
12:46PM 12:50PM 12:52PM 12:57PM 1:01PM 1:07PM 1:10PM
1:11PM 1:15PM 1:17PM 1:22PM 1:26PM 1:32PM 1:35PM
1:36PM 1:40PM 1:42PM 1:47PM 1:51PM 1:57PM 2:00PM
2:01PM 2:05PM 2:07PM 2:12PM 2:16PM 2:22PM 2:25PM
2:26PM 2:30PM 2:32PM 2:37PM 2:41PM 2:47PM 2:50PM
2:51PM 2:55PM 2:57PM 3:02PM 3:06PM 3:12PM 3:15PM
3:16PM 3:20PM 3:22PM 3:27PM 3:31PM 3:37PM 3:40PM
3:41PM 3:45PM 3:47PM 3:52PM 3:56PM 4:02PM 4:05PM
4:06PM 4:10PM 4:12PM 4:17PM 4:21PM 4:27PM 4:30PM
4:31PM 4:35PM 4:37PM 4:42PM 4:46PM 4:52PM 4:55PM
4:56PM 5:00PM 5:02PM 5:07PM 5:11PM 5:17PM -
The Green Line only serves Little Rock.

No Sunday Service

Service Alert for Friday, April 9 Read More
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