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You aren’t alone! Public transit use is on the rise, even in little ol’ central Arkansas. And we’re here to help!

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Bus Maps & Schedules

Pair posted schedule information with ongoing COVID-19-related service alerts and short-term alerts!

Find the ongoing COVID-19 service alert here

As METRO navigates the coronavirus pandemic, transit service has been and continues to be affected daily. Because of a need to re-allocate resources, some routes were temporarily suspended and later permanently removed, and yet they still appear on the system map; some temporary microtransit zones don’t appear on the map yet. Because of ongoing pandemic-related staff absences, transit schedules have been adjusted, particularly on weekends, and some regularly scheduled trips/operating hours throughout the week are on short-term and/or pop-up cancellations or detours. To get the most accurate information, check regular maps and schedules first, then click here to find all of the active, ongoing service alert information tied to that route or zone; then look for short-term service alerts that may also be in effect, which can always be found at the top of this page, in the red bar. Your patience is appreciated as we continue adjusting service in response to the pandemic. The goal is to keep essential public transit service in operation while protecting public health.

Ride for the Rewards

METRO Local operates 15 fixed routes throughout Pulaski County seven days a week, except for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. METRO Local is a safe, affordable way to make the most of your commute and feel good about your transportation choices. View the Fares & Passes information for related costs, use the system map below and our free Google Transit trip planner to plan your route, and download our METROtrack app for real-time bus tracking and arrival information.

Inclement Weather

When inclement weather prevents normal operations, Rock Region METRO will make a “snow route” alert announcement through our website news, Facebook and Twitter accounts and METROtrack mobile app. Click here for a list of snow routes.

System Maps

Please click here for the most up-to-date COVID-era service Google map. The PDFs below were created pre-pandemic and do not reflect the service on the roads today, as there are several service alerts in place.

Download the PDFs below for a system-wide overview of all routes. Or, use our home page Trip Planner tool to figure out where and when to get to your destination from your starting point. For the best way to view multiple live routes at once, click on your route below to view that live route alone, or visit our third-party real-time arrival information website, rrmetrotrack.org, to view up to three live routes simultaneously. (You’ll want to return to rrmetro.org to get all other relevant METRO information, such as schedules, stop tables, news and more.)

Bus System Map
Downtown Little Rock:

Is Your Printed Schedule or System Map Current?

Printed system maps and schedules are only useful if they reflect the current routes and schedules. Are you living in the past? Use the list below to determine whether your map or brochure needs replacing!

Map Name Current Date (on front of the brochure)
System Map 0220
Route 1 0419
Route 2 0419
Route 3 0419
Route 4 0419
Route 5 0419
Route 6 1016
Route 8 0419
Route 10 0419
Route 11 0419
Route 13 0419
Route 14 0419
Route 16 0522
Route 18 0419
Route 22 0220
Route 23 1017

Text-Only Real-Time Arrival Information for Screen Readers

If you are using a screen reader to access information from the METROtrack real-time arrival information system, visit rrmetrotrack.org and select Text Only to find real-time arrival information without extra images and coding.

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