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Sit back, relax and enjoy a safe, hassle-free ride with Rock Region METRO!

Using our schedules and maps, service information, transit tools and fare and pass information, it’s easy to learn to use our system. Our Facebook and Twitter pages and news items help keep you updated on the latest happenings at Rock Region METRO.


Life happens, and savvy transit riders are ready: When major events or weather cause a change to the system, our riders can always get the latest updates on route changes and other alerts by watching our home page for alerts (all active service alerts appear in a red bar at the top of rrmetro.org) and downloading our free METROtrack mobile app, which offers push technology for up-to-date information. When unusual circumstances occur, such as inclement weather, you may also be able to find service alerts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Free WiFi

Read a book, watch a show or chill out to your favorite music while enjoying our free WiFi. Yes, it’s FREE, and yes, it’s on all of the fixed-route buses in the system. Each bus is numbered, and each bus’ WiFi network carries that bus’ number in the network name. Find the matching network number (if you’re logging on at a stop with multiple buses nearby, such as the River Cities Travel Center, multiple Rock Region METRO WiFi networks will appear in your device’s network settings), agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the screen in your device’s web browser and you’re connected.

Lost and Found

If you left something behind on a bus or streetcar, the fastest way to see if it was turned in to our Lost and Found collection is to call 501-375-6717 and select the Bus and Streetcar Information option. Describe your item, when and where you last saw it (please provide the date, time, route number/streetcar line color, direction of your route, any pertinent stop information and the bus/streetcar vehicle number, if you have it) and leave full contact information (name, 10-digit phone number and email address) in the event that the item turns up. All lost items are turned in to the customer service department at the Rock Region METRO River Cities Travel Center in Little Rock (310 Capitol Ave.). Operating hours for picking up Lost and Found items are Monday-Friday, 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. (off-peak pass sales hours), excluding holidays.

Code of Conduct

It is our team’s desire that your transit experience be safe, reliable, convenient and efficient. To promote the safety and comfort of our riders; to facilitate the proper use of transit facilities and services; to protect transit facilities and employees and citizens; to assure the payment of fares and to ensure that Rock Region METRO vehicles and facilities are safe, welcoming and equally accessible to our riders, Rock Region METRO adopted a Code of Conduct and Transit Suspension Procedure in August 2014.

Service Changes

Rock Region METRO undergoes an annual process for making service changes to meet the mobility needs of our community. Changes are announced in advance and are usually implemented in autumn. Our team logs service requests from Pulaski County residents all year long via phone calls, emails, social media messages and in-person discussions. More formal listening sessions related to service enhancements take place in May, with public meetings for plans taking place in July. Follow our annual service enhancements webpage, Facebook page and Twitter page and/or sign up for our enewsletter (the signup is at the bottom of this page) to have a heads up on formal meeting dates, times and locations.

How to Use the METROtrack Mobile App

METROtrack provides real-time arrival information for the Rock Region METRO public transit system buses. Use the app to mark favorite stops and routes, set reminders, get alerts, plan your trip and access general information.

Here’s a quick primer on the app:

The three bars at the left leads you to the app menu. When you want to return to the main map setting, choose “Ride” from the menu. The Service Alerts area will be empty unless there is an active service alert. The Reminders option lets you manage any reminders you have set from the Ride screen. The Plan My Trip option takes you to Google Maps, which Rock Region METRO uses to power our trip planner tool. Settings & Info takes you to relevant links at rrmetro.org, such as Maps & Schedules, Fare & Passes, Bike and Ride information, Rider Info, News and more.

Use the balloon/location icon to check for nearby stops or quickly access any stops you have marked as favorites on the Ride screen.

Use the map icon to view different routes.

Use the magnifier glass icon to search for stops near a specific address or institution that is within a mile radius. First select the tab you want: Stops, Routes or Address. For example, if you want to search stops and routes near a specific address, select Address first, then type the address in the field above. If you want to view routes near a specific place (UA – Little Rock, for example), select Routes first and then type UA – Little Rock in the field above. Similarly, if you want to view stops serving a specific place (UA – Pulaski Technical College, for example), select Stops first and then type UA – Pulaski Technical College in the field above.

The angled arrow in the app’s top, righthand corner allows you to return to your GPS-based location on the map. So, if you’ve swiped off to the side, exploring a route or surrounding area and want a quick return to where you are right now on the map, hit the arrow, and the map will revert back to your location.

How to Mark Favorite Stops

Select a route and use your fingers to pinch/zoom in on the map. Select a favorite stop and hit the heart-shaped icon to fill it in. It is now marked as a favorite stop and will appear under your favorite stops list under the balloon/location icon screen. To unmark the stop as a favorite, simply select the heart-shaped icon to un-fill it.

How to Set Reminders

Select a route and use your fingers to pinch/zoom in on the map. Select a favorite stop and hit the alarm clock icon. You will be prompted to select a reminder day and time. You may select multiple days for the same time. To manage your reminders, go to the menu icon, select Reminders, and select the reminder you would like to manage/change. To delete a reminder, Android users may press and hold until the delete option appears, and iPhone users may swipe to the left to delete.

How to Use the Bus Stop Texting System

Text rrmetro, then a space, and then the 5-digit stop ID number to 41411. You should receive a welcome text, as well as a separate text telling you how many minutes away each bus that serves the stop is. Once you have used the texting system once, you no longer need to text rrmetro and a space; when you use the texting system a second time, just text the 5-digit stop number to 41411. Use your regular text messaging app, NOT the Facebook Messenger app. If you move or no longer want to receive service alert sent through our texting system, simply text STOP to 41411 to be removed.


If the METROtrack app isn’t giving you an accurate time prediction, there could be several reasons why. The METRO team takes vendor app functionality seriously and is committed to helping riders troubleshoot problems for long-term app functionality improvement. To best help the METRO team identify the issue, please be ready to provide the details relevant to the incident when the time prediction was not accurate, such as the date, time, route/line in question, direction traveling and stop boarding, as well as the vehicle number and/or driver name if possible. Please also be sure to check your smartphone to ensure your phone is allowing the METROtrack app to access Location Services. The app will not be able to issue a time prediction if Location Services are not enabled for the app. Finally, please be ready to share with the METRO team your phone type and model (i.e. iPhone 11 Pro, Android Samsung Galaxy S20 etc.), phone operating system (iOS 13.7, Android OS 10, etc.) and METROtrack app version (Version 1.8.2, etc.). If you are experiencing problems and do not have time to review all of this information with the customer service team, please suggest a date and time when you could be available for a longer discussion and troubleshooting session to help identify potential issues. Thank you.

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