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On-Demand, Affordable, Accessible, Point-to-Point-Within-Zones Service!

How to Use METRO Connect Microtransit

METRO Connect offers a smartphone app, the METRO Connect – Rock Region app powered by the software-as-a-service company Via, (and dial-in service) to process on-demand ride-hailing trip requests occurring within a set service area, during regular METRO Connect zone operating hours (hours vary per zone). Each zone has specific “points of interest” that allow riders to travel to a specific METRO-designated transfer point to access additional METRO transit service, such as fixed routes. Click on the dropdown menu above for zone maps, hours of operations, points of interest and connecting fixed routes. Standard METRO fares apply. View the Fares & Passes page for more information.

Did you know? You can place your ride request directly from the app, without ever having to call the METRO team to do it for you! The app allows riders to enter favorite locations that always pop up on their accounts, receive push notifications when drivers are 15 and 5 minutes away, add special notes to help drivers quickly find you at pickup points (ex: Building A, Apartment 6) and share their trip details with loved ones (parents and other caregivers can track student trips in real time). Easy! Please note: Ride requests cannot be processed while on an active, uncompleted ride. This is to observe the shared ride nature of the service and not tie vehicles to a particular rider for an extended period of time. Please plan your trips accordingly.

Google Map of Little Rock and North Little Rock Network, Including Microtransit Zones

Download the METRO Connect – Rock Region App: Click here for the App Center page and scroll down for direct download links for iPhones and Androids

Riders: There is a 5-minute limit waiting on passengers for pickup. After five minutes of waiting, the ride will be cancelled.

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of the METRO Connect – Rock Region smartphone app to ensure you have the best user experience. The latest version is 4.16 as of Monday, March 25, 2024.
  • Once you have booked a ride, you cannot “add a rider” to the ride, as the software system that operates this service is allowing additional ride requests from other riders based on vehicle capacity.
  • Sometimes multiple METRO Connect vehicles are serving the same location at the same time or within a few minutes of each other. Your ride has been assigned to a particular vehicle, and you will not be permitted to board an earlier-arriving vehicle that is not your assigned vehicle. Please do not engage the driver to persuade them otherwise, as you will be delaying trips for everyone within the zone if you are delaying the driver. This is a common experience at the Willow & Pershing transfer point in North Little Rock, as it’s on the edge of two different microtransit zones. No one on the METRO team will be able to switch your trip to a vehicle that is not your assigned vehicle, so please do not make this request.
  • Rides are booked on-demand. If a ride isn’t available within the next immediate 45 minutes of your request, the system will tell you no rides are available and to wait 15 minutes before trying to rebook. Please note that the METRO staff cannot successfully confirm a ride request for you if you are not able to confirm one through the app when the service is at peak demand and is over vehicle-driver capacity.
  • Riders cannot book trips from zone to zone. If you have found that you have successfully done this, there is a software bug that the METRO team needs to be made aware of, as, when the dispatch team learns of the ride, it will be canceled. There is a known software bug that has allowed a couple of known zone-to-zone trips to occur in December 2023 and January 2024, and it should be solved with a METRO Connect – Rock Region automatic app update occurring in early February 2024. The microtransit zones are meant to work in tandem with the fixed route network; please visit the map below and work with the METRO customer service team to help plan trips from microtransit zones to bus routes if needed.
  • Should you ever have a question about the service or a particular trip and need to discuss it with the METRO team, please find the specific ride trip in your ride history within the app and use the “Let Us Know” feature, where you can log your concerns and which also captures specific information about your trip, in addition to your phone model type, operating system version and app version to get more informed customer service and troubleshooting from the app engineering team, if needed.
  • Please be advised that Via uses Google Maps as a base map layer for points of interest. Sometimes, even Google gets things wrong. For example, the Little Rock McDonald’s on Broadway used to be on the east side of the street and is now on the west of the street, and it took more than two years for that address to be updated within Google Maps, causing problems when riders were trying to book their trips by just typing “McDonald’s” into the search bar and selecting the auto-suggested “McDonalds, Broadway, Little Rock” location generated by the Google Maps layer. Should you experience the rare Google Maps edit needed, please let two organizations know of the issue: Google, when you can use the “suggest an edit” feature to correct an incorrect address, and the METRO team, who can also suggest a Google edit and can make the Via team aware of the issue to try and create an override to correct the issue.

Google Map of Little Rock and North Little Rock Network, Including Microtransit Zones

Download the METRO Connect – Rock Region App:

Riders: There is a 5-minute limit waiting on passengers for pickup. After five minutes of waiting, the ride will be cancelled.

Don’t have a smartphone?

Call METRO Dispatch at 501-476-3761 to schedule your pickup. You will be asked for your first and last name and phone number to set up a METRO Connect Transloc account, or, if you have an existing METRO Connect Transloc account, you will be asked for the email address associated with it.


Standard METRO fares apply. Cash, passes and virtual Token Transit app passes are accepted for Little Rock and North Little Rock zone trips; exact cash or virtual METRO Connect Conway 1-Ride Token Transit app passes are accepted for the Conway zone. Click here for the full Fares & Passes information. Please note: Collected fares are not refundable. METRO Connect Conway riders may NOT use the Little Rock and North Little Rock multi-ride or multi-day passes, which include the day pass, 10-Ride pass and 31-Day pass.

Booking trip requests for a loved one, patient, student or someone else?

Visit metroconnect.app.ridewithvia.com.

“Walk-Ups” Will Not Be Accommodated Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023, METRO will no longer allow “walk-up” ride bookings anywhere within its METRO Connect service (“walk-up” rides are when a rider requests a ride directly with the vehicle driver). Instead, riders must request a METRO Connect ride by either using the free METRO Connect – Rock Region app or by calling the METRO Connect ride-requesting number. The reason for this practice is to ensure riders who have pre-requested their Connect trips do not experience delays due to a walk-up request.

METRO encourages Connect riders to submit ride requests within the free METRO Connect – Rock Region app, or, for those riders who do not have smartphones that support the app, by calling the METRO Connect ride-booking number. If you are a rider who has a smartphone but does not know how to use the METRO Connect – Rock Region app, please visit the River Cities Travel Center Sales Office and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you in downloading and learning how to use the app. One major advantage to using the app is that riders can allow the app to send push notifications and texts, which tell riders how many minutes away their rides are from the pickup point. Pretty handy, and no waiting on the phone for a customer service agent to process your ride request!

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