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Fares & Passes

Most of the costs of our public transit system are not charged to Rock Region METRO riders. The cities of Little Rock, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Sherwood and Maumelle; Pulaski County; the federal government and the state of Arkansas all offset the true cost of a ride on a Rock Region METRO bus, paratransit or microtransit vehicle, or streetcar.

Fares and other direct revenue such as advertising help fund roughly 13 percent of the annual agency budget. The Rock Region METRO board and staff work hard to provide riders with a significant cost savings for their transportation by offering great value in per ride fares. Riders are encouraged to save even more money with multi-day and multi-ride passes that offer savings over per ride fares. Because fare revenue contributes to the METRO annual operating budget, making vital transit service possible, METRO does not provide free bus or streetcar passes or service to individuals, private nonprofits, public agencies and other organizations. Please do not solicit METRO employees for free or specially discounted passes or service.

METRO Local Bus Fares

Adult One Way $1.35
Ages 5-11 $0.60
Ages 4 and Younger FREE
Transfer $0.05
Discount One Way* (Applies to Half-Price Fare Discounts Only, Not Student Discounts, Which Are Not Half-Price) $0.65
Day Pass $3.75
Adult 10-Ride Pass $11.50
Adult 31-Day Pass $36.00
Discount 10-Ride Pass* $5.75
Discount 31-Day Pass* $18.00
Student 31- Day Pass* $19.50

METRO Streetcar Fares

METRO Streetcar rides are fare-free, thanks to the Cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock and Pulaski County and the METRO Streetcar sponsors.

METRO Links Fares

One-Way $2.70
Round-Trip $5.40
10-Ride Pass $25

10-Ride Pass Use

10-Ride Pass Use: Please note riders may use a physical 10-Ride METRO fare pass for two separate riders by inserting the same pass into the farebox multiple times, totaling the number of riders using the pass. Riders may not use a virtual 10-Ride pass for multiple riders, though, as there is a technological constraint tied to the use of virtual passes that makes it logistically impossible to count multiple pass rides correctly as paid fares for our farebox accounting needs. For multiple riders wishing to use 10-Ride virtual passes using the same smartphone, there must be one 10-Ride pass purchased per rider, and one ride on each of the separate virtual passes must be activated to ride. Day passes are limited to one rider per pass, for either physical or virtual day passes.

 *Disability and Discount Fares

Rock Region METRO offers disability and discount fares for fixed route bus service to persons with disabilities, persons 65 and older, Medicare recipients, students (defined as persons 12 or older who are enrolled in a public, private or charter middle, junior high or high school, including home school programs) and instructors who provide transit training to riders. Click here for the Disability Discount Fare Application (for disability-based discounts). Click here for the Discount Fare Application (for Medicare-, age- and student-based discounts). This form is also available at the River Cities Travel Center, 310 E. Capitol Ave., Little Rock. Riders approved for a disability or discount fare pass will be issued a photo ID by Rock Region METRO and will be required to show the ID on each boarding to receive discounted fares. Please Note: To keep the pass sales line moving efficiently at the travel center during peak travel times, the travel center will only accept discount fare pass applications and make discount fare application photo IDs between 9 and 11 a.m. and 2 and 4 p.m. The METRO team may take up to five business days to process discount fare applications.

Special Fare Agreements

Rock Region METRO has fare agreements with the UA – Little Rock, UA – Pulaski Technical College and Shorter College that allow full-time enrolled students to ride for “free” (with a pass paid for by the respective universities/college). METRO also has fare agreements with the Little Rock School District for students, faculty and staff to ride; with eStem Schools that allows all eStem students and staff members to ride; and with Lisa Academy for all West Middle Hybrid School (Corporate Hill West campus) students and West High School (Markham & Hughes campus) students to ride. Learn more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions section and clicking on Fares & Passes, then Student Passes.

Transfer Passes

What is a transfer pass? If your bus doesn’t take you as far as your destination, you may have to transfer to another bus to complete your trip. A time-sensitive transfer pass is issued to provide service between two points not served by a single route. Each transfer pass costs 5 cents and must be purchased when you get on the first bus of your trip and pay your fare. Transfer passes cannot be used for a return trip. METRO transfer passes expire within two hours of purchase.

Buy a Pass

Save even more money with multi-ride passes that offer savings over per ride fares.

Did You Know? You can buy and send Rock Region METRO day passes or multi-day and multi-ride passes to others’ smartphones for no extra charges via Simply enter the rider’s 10-digit smartphone number. Pass recipients will be alerted instantly via text message to download the free Token Transit app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and their pass will be waiting for them within the app. Purchasers’ payment information remains private and secure, and riders get the pass instantly — no pickup appointments required! The Token Transit app requires riders to have iPhone iOS 9.0 or later or Android 5.0 or later and Internet access via a data package that allows for in-app pass verification. It’s the perfect solution for the on-the-go transit rider who carries a charged smartphone.

Or, visit our online store to order a physical pass and have it mailed to you.

Payment Information

The River Cities Travel Center and Rock Region METRO Administration Office accept cash, check and debit or credit card payments for passes.

Exact change is suggested on all METRO Local and Express bus trips. A redeemable change card will be issued for any change amounts of $1 or more. Change cards can be used for fare payments and/or redeemed for their cash value at the Rock Region METRO Administration Office (901 Maple St., North Little Rock, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) or the River Cities Travel Center (310 E. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.).

Exact change is required for all cash transactions on METRO Links paratransit vans.

METRO Local riders may make on board payments via cash or passes only. METRO Streetcar rides are fare-free throughout 2020. METRO Links riders may make on board payments via cash, checks or passes.

Bulk Passes

Organizations wishing to purchase METRO passes in bulk may do so in various ways: Visit our online store and have passes mailed directly to an address, visit and send passes to recipients via text and the Token Transit smartphone app, or call the METRO Customer Service Department Mondays-Fridays, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. to place an order and make arrangements to pick it up at a later date (usually no more than three business days beyond the order date). Bulk passes orders are for regular-price passes only; individual riders may qualify for pass discounts; see the above Disabiliy and Discount Fares paragraph and the Special Fare Agreements paragraph for more information.

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