Posted on January 3, 2022 in News

Meet Petite Powell, METRO Links paratransit manager. Powell oversees the daily operations of the paratransit department. She joined METRO in December 2015 as a paratransit scheduler and dispatcher, and then served as financial accountant and office manager from May 2021 to October 2021 before transitioning to her current role.

Powell is proud of her role in developing a better working relationship with and respect from operators.

“Petite is an invaluable member of our team. At this point, she’s served in multiple Links roles, and she’s excelled at each,” said Sharon Hill, senior manager of on-demand and paratransit service. “I’m glad we have the opportunity to work so closely together and appreciate having Petite’s knowledge and skills on tap to improve our paratransit service and the overall customer experience for those who rely on it.”

Her favorite part of working at METRO is interacting with different people day-to-day and never knowing what is going to happen, she said.

She enjoys being able to make people’s day go better with her work.

“The most rewarding aspect is the kind words you hear from people, even when their day isn’t going very well,” said Powell.

Powell noted the most important thing she has learned since joining METRO is how much work goes into making the transit system operate.

“You may see a bus, or a van or one of our other vehicles there picking people up,” she said, “but it takes so much to get that person that’s operating that vehicle into the position that they’re in, just to be able to pick up the customers.”

Outside of METRO, Powell enjoys spending time with her family and friends.