Posted on November 19, 2020 in News

Rolando Cuanas, METRO second-year trainee mechanic

Meet Rolando Cuanas, METRO second-year trainee mechanic who joined the agency in March 2020 after a stint at Caterpillar of Little Rock. Rolando works on and maintains the buses, Links paratransit vehicles and METRO Connect vehicles that keep central Arkansas connected.

As one of METRO’s second-shift mechanics, Rolando spends his evenings in METRO’s maintenance facility helping to determine and fix the cause of any vehicle malfunction. In addition, he performs routine inspections on all METRO vehicles, ensuring that everything is working properly.

For Rolando, the flexible schedule and the opportunities he is given are the most rewarding aspects of his job at METRO.

I’m able to get more things done during the day than most people who work a normal 9-to-5 job. I love that most about my job.”


One thing most people might not know about the role of a METRO mechanic is the role that computers and specialized technology play in their daily jobs.

“Working as a [METRO] mechanic requires more than using normal tools,” said Rolando. “We use computers to determine the cause of problems like a ‘check engine’ light and fix issues with the vehicles’ transmission, HVAC system, brakes and various other items that need repair as a result of routine wear and tear.”

“METRO mechanics also use computers to view vehicle wiring schematics and repair information to get a full scope on each repair,” said Rolando.

In his spare time, Rolando maintains the most organized toolbox in the METRO maintenance facility.

“It’s a big topic of conversation around here,” Rolando acknowledged. “A clean and organized toolbox makes for an easier workday.”