Posted on May 20, 2022 in Alerts

As METRO plans and prepares for future service enhancements beyond the initial onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, the agency is engaging in in-depth fixed route schedule planning to benefit both riders and transit operators. As a result, Monday, May 23, Route 16 UA – Little Rock will have a new schedule with minor updates for weekdays only; there will be no change to the Route 16 Saturday and Sunday schedule. The overall span of service for Route 16 will not change, but riders will notice that there will be more dwelling time at the River Cities Travel Center terminus rather than at UA – Little Rock. This shift will allocate more time spent at the route terminus point that has enhanced passenger amenities, including connections to other routes, the METRO pass sales office and public restrooms, as well as employee restrooms. There is still an active COVID-19-era service alert for routes on Saturdays at this time that also applies to Route 16. METRO encourages riders to continue checking for service alerts before every trip as a best practice of daily transit usage.

To see the new schedule, click here and visit Item I.03 on the left-hand side Table of Contents: Route 16 May 2022 Minor Schedule Change and click on the schedule PDF link. The current Route 16 schedule will remain in place through the end of service Sunday, May 22; after that, the regular Bus Maps and Schedules Route 16 information will be updated. All existing active service alerts for Route 16 remain in place. Please be sure to check for service alerts, which can be found in red bars at the top of or within the free METROtrack app, before every transit trip.